02 November 2008

Actually, more like a brief post of self congratulations. Encyclopedian Jess Nevins got to the issue of spiritual warfare a year before Sarah Palin made it a household name. I’ll see his spiritual warfare, and I’ll raise him a I had Pastor Muthee’s number a year ago, in a post on spiritual warfare in Xinjiang (and the rest of China). Talk2Action has the whole background and what Sarah Palin has in common with Harold Caballeros, a Guatamalan pastor who ran for president and condoned extrajudicial death squads for doing “holy work”. Xeni Jardin has quite a bit more on C. Peter Wagner and other parts of the movement.

Also, the recent Khalidi kerfuffle has brought out John McCain’s past leadership of the International Republican Institute (IRI). IRI President (and former McCain staffer) Lorne Cramer has been out speaking for the McCain campaign on Afghan issues and the New York Times reported on McCain’s IRI fundraising ties and how he moved the organization’s focus from Latin America to Eastern Europe (McCain’s friendship with Georgian strongman Mikhail Saakashvili started at an IRI meeting). I wrote about the IRI’s claims that it’s an “NGO” and its similarity to Chinese “NGOs” in June of last year.

I don’t seem to have any posts relating to Barack Obama or Joe Biden’s affiliations. Opposite End of China has an interesting one on Biden’s role in establishing CIA listening posts in Xinjiang.

Guess who I voted for.

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