19 April 2008

Rumor floating around on the BBSes, copied from the Ming Pao Daily in Hong Kong (google cache):



Yesterday a netizen called “I Love Mustard King” posted an article, yesterday morning riding the No.2 metro line, 4 men got on at Liujiazui Station [wearing black suits, solemn expressions, unusually serious, entered the car in a row], then the 4 each took out a tape recorder, began to play a [I support Tibetan Independence] recording, as well as [Please Everyone, When Boarding the Aircraft Remember to Bring Gasoline, Explosives, Oil], etc. At the time there weren’t many passengers, no one did anything, the 4 men ran to another car after the recording finished.

Other netizens report friends at Shanghai Music College cars were graffitied with Tibetan independence slogans and symbols.

Either there’s a really imaginative poster out there, or Shanghai is the first victim of Pro-Tibetan Independence performance artists. The article also claims that in the past couple of days Shanghai police have already confiscated more than 100 “volatile materials”. [此外,上海公安开箱检查地铁乘客行李以来,两日已检获百余件易爆物品。] Nail polish remover or C-4?

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