09 February 2008

Looking for stuff about China’s Golden Shield Project, normally associated with censorship on the Chinese web, I found this startling bit of irony. I’ve blurred the picture so as not to offend anybody, but you can visit the actual page at 51gongwen.com (caveat emptor, NSFW!), or 51 Documents. This is ironically hilarious because the websites menus include “patriotic speeches” and “anti-corruption campaign”, and the article is titled “Discussion Materials From the PSB Golden Shield Project and Population Management System Building Conference” where an official talks about how the PSB in his city is implementing IT solutions to fight crime, both online and off. Above it, however, is an advertisement for a Chinese website called fuckdiy.net which sells sex aids and toys. The ad depicts a womans buttocks with, um, one of those toys being used. At the bottom is a list of other government speeches and documents, first one being on Hu Jintao’s Eight Honors and Eight Shames. Hilarious.

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