09 February 2008

I see I’ve been hit with the 1-2-3 meme by Opposite End of China. So my nearest book is Blindness by Jose Saramago, which has some awfully long sentences, especially on page 123. As a result, sentence 6 is the last on the page and sentences 7 and 8 are actually on the next page, but here goes:

At the beginning, the very beginning, several charitable organisations were still offering volunteers to assist the blind, to make their beds, clean out their lavatories, wash their clothes, prepare their food, the minimum of care without which life soon becomes unbearable, even for those who can see. These dear people went blind immediately but at least the generosity of their gesture would go down in history. Did any of them come here, asked the old man with the black eyepatch, No, replied the doctor’s wife, no one has come, Perhaps it was a rumour, And what about the city and the traffic, asked the first blind man, remembering his own car and that of the taxi-driver who had driven him to the surgery and had helped him to dig the grave, Traffic is in a state of chaos, replied the old man with the black eyepatch, and gave details of specific cases and accidents.

See, when you write dialogue in run-on sentences, sentence 6 ends up at the end of the page. Now, my victims:

Beijing Sounds
Son of Shenzhen Zen: Hua Hin Hoo-Hah (Thai Remix)
Twelve Hours Later
Paper Republic (if they still exist?)
Blood & Treasure

I’m hoping BJSounds, 12Hours and PaperRep will bring the translated goodness.

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