31 January 2008

Inhabitat tells me:

About a year ago, Sydney started a trend of turning off your lights for one hour in a show of support for protecting our environment. Soon after, London, San Francisco quickly followed suit. One year later, the organizers of Sydney’s Earth Hour feel that one city at a time doesn’t really cut it anymore. Which is why this year’s event is going global, with cities from every continent, including the US, participating in what promises to be the largest ever show of solidarity in the world on March 29th for Earth Hour.

Yknow what, this is utterly presumptuous of me, but I’m gonna speak for all of China and say we’re gonna sit this one out with the lights on. And the electric heater. Cuz people are still gonna wonder how long their power will last come March 29th. Rest of y’all can pretend to be North Korea for an hour. Some of the world is gonna wanna smoke ‘em if they got ‘em.

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