28 December 2007

The Chinese manga market may be a mess, or not*, but its pretty much assured that no one is tackling Uyghur separatism in Chinese manga. The closest I know is the comic adaptation of Ghost Blows Out The Light 《鬼吹灯》, the blockbuster online novel turned printed novel turned comic, and that basically gets as close as being in the Taklamakan Desert and the novel makes a passing reference to a Uyghur guide, nevermind a Uyghur character. But a manga-savvy friend pointed out the Japanese manga Eden by Hiroki Endo. In Volume 9, a new major character is introduced: Marihan Isaku (in Japanese translation), a Uyghur freedom fighter/terrorist/whatever you prefer. Remember to read right to left:
The interesting thing is that Uyghur terrorists make their appeal as displaced people…

But are told by their own people that they are still terrorists…Of course they end being slaughtered by genetically modified mutant soldiers sent by a devious world government… it is manga, after all.

The Eden series is now available in English, up to Volume 9, from Dark Horse Comics. Or you can read fan transcans here.

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