16 November 2007

Apropos the last post, last Sunday was Guanggun Day, or Bare Branches Day in China. It’s really more of a Singles Day for both boys and girls, but there’s definitely a focus on guys. The date, November 11th, or 11/11, was chosen for obvious reasons. Here are three movies to commemorate the event, one of three drunk guys singing 《单身情歌》, or the Bachelors Love Song (which seems to be the holiday anthem of choice); one a silly photo montage, and the third an animation of a poor guy all on his lonesome with the song “November 11th” in the background. This is all produced and aimed at young guys who aren’t the poor and disenfranchised that the dangerous surplus males are supposed to come from. Then again, a new survey indicates 67.05% of migrant men in Zhejiang have a mistress (or say they do, anyway). Will bare branches really end up always being the poorest? Or will middle class guys get stuck because they’re more picky?

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