17 May 2007

I mentioned Jess Nevins before in the Thinking Blogs meme. A librarian of pulp fiction, he pointed me towards some great stuff on Late Qing Dynasty scifi/fantasy writing. Now he has a helluva thought experiment up: An Alternative History of Chinese Science Fiction. Quibbling aside, its fun. Oh, and these fictitious alternate Chinese versions of famous science fiction novels occur in a world where Chen Shuibian is president of China because the Communists lost.

And I wanna give a shout-out to Ben’s Blog, where Ben Ross, ethnographer, is blogging pretty much daily about working as a hair-wash guy in a Chinese barbershop for a month. Fan-f**king-tastic. Oh, and he’s in Fujian, so he gets extra cool points for that, though Northern Fujian ain’t as good as Southern. I’m just sayin’.

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