10 May 2007

A couple of weeks ago a vicious rumor spread through the Chinese Internet, according PCOnline (太平洋电脑网), reported access to Google.com had disappeared for some users. It wasn’t true.

So in this grand tradition of spreading rumors, I say: MySpace.com may possibly perhaps be blocked. Visual Traceroute shows a failure to connect beyond CHINANET Shanghai. Through May 8th, MySpace.cn reported that 31,826 users registered. Redline China has determined there were over 41,000 registrations by May 9th based on MySpace.cn editor Wu Kong’s friends list, since he is automatically friended to new registrants. This isn’t terribly scientific, since Chinese users can delete him from their friends just like Tom. Tom, along with a number of other non-Chinese MySpace users, are also among Wukong’s friends. Whatever the number, it doesn’t seem to have impressed anybody yet.

It is still possible to access questionable profiles through MySpace.cn.

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