03 May 2007


Boing Boing linked to this popular “Map of the Internet” at XKCD. I noticed the Chinese Internet wasn’t represented, and XKCD’s map is on a Creative Commons license, so I decided to make an expansion. I think I got the relative membership of Sina, Sohu and QQ, but I guesstimated on the BBSes (Tianya, Netease), and made up the video sites like Tudou and 6rooms. I realize there is enormous overlap between users on Chinese websites, but then again, the same goes for MySpace and the other services on the other side. If anybody has some better numbers on users, let me know - or copy it and make your own. I’d love to make this more detailed, but after drawing the Great Firewall I was exhausted and I’m going out in five minutes. Anyway, the point being the Chinese Internet gets left out sometimes even though its fairly big.

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