25 March 2007

OK, so this meme was started over at TheThinkingBlog.com, where the goal stated is to name “5 Blogs That Make Me Think”. I got tagged by the always-making-me-think Granite Studio, so J can’t be on this list. He’s already on three, so he’s covered. So, in no particular order:

1) Chinese Blogger Yee at Ya, I Yee has been racking up the hits, such as a nifty workaround for the Blogspot ban and being the first to catch that Baidu.jp allows porn searches (for now), setting up a possible confrontation between the Net Nanny and China’s most prominent internet company.

2) Slouching Towards Bethlehem is the blog of Jess Nevins, librarian and pulp fiction expert extraordinaire. His explorations take him into such topics as Bad Girls of Early 20th Century China and Pulp Fiction of the Qing Dynasty. He also blogs over at No Fear of the Future with the likes of Chris Nakashima-Brown, where he’s tackled such topics as the Sixty Degrees of Sherlock Holmes, which has to be one of the ultimate pulp fiction blog posts ever. OK, so that’s two blogs, but one cool blogger. (blocked in China)

3) Looking for a wickedly funny confessional of the expat life in China? Look no further than Shenzhen Zen. (blocked in China)

4) BLDGBLOG. Go. It’s awesome. (blocked in China)

5) Xinjiang Watch is the only blog ever ambitious enough to do semi-regular translated rundowns of Chinese press about Xinjiang. Something tells me these guys are only going to get bigger and better soon.

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