22 March 2007

Ya I Yee has this sweet workaround on the blogspot ban, courtesy of Chinese blogger Fermi Zhang (wicked name). Do this:

Use the Notepad (or other text editor softwares) to write a file with the following codes:

function FindProxyForURL(url,host){
</br>if(dnsDomainIs(host, “.blogspot.com”)){
</br> return “PROXY”;

save it as proxy.pac and put it in the root directory of *C:* .Take Firefox for example,click Tools->Options->Advanced->Network->Settings…-> fill the codes below in the blank that under “Automatic proxy configuration URL”:


then press Reload on the right,press OK,and OK.And relaunch Firefox,done!

Fermi and Yee, I owe you each a beer. And if I understand this right, should the proxy server for some reason go down or be blocked itself, simply grab a new proxy and paste it in. Some of these at the Chinese site Hackbase might work. I’ll try some later. I’d like to point out that Hackbase has been around for a while, and as Yee has nicely pointed out in this post and another, Chinese bloggers have collectively been working on the blogspot ban. I take great pleasure in knowing my newly unfettered access to Blogspot is thanks to a Chinese blogger, not a product from the outside (I still love you, Tor).

UPDATE: Another Chinese proxy service is 9i7.cn, which also gives a list of proxy IPs. Found via webproxies.info.

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