12 March 2007

There are some minor bits of technology that simply never took off in China. For example, here’s an article trumpeting the convenience of the answering machine, in which the author points out he doesn’t have to get out of the bath anymore when his phone rings. Voicemail and answering machines, however, are not at all common in China.

Another one is the clock radio. Though many are made in China, they are not readily available in shops. Consider this blog entry by a Chinese woman living abroad in the UK:

I have seen a cool device used to wake up the dramatis personae in many films in the past. As soon as I arrive the UK I found it called CLOCK RADIO in electronic shop by accident.

After a all night consideration I have decidedt to buy a cheapest one without caring if it is made in China. But, now I have another problem. The clock costs 3.49 pounds but the battery costs the same price!!!

In the end I bought the device and battery~~coz I really want to be woken up by live music in the morning but not the boring buzzer~

I am looking forward to the next morning:P~

That’s right - the clock radio, for most Chinese people, is simply something you see in the movies. Neither the clock radio or the answering machine are gadgets that Chinese people cannot afford or lack access to. These items just simply never caught on. And there are consequences - for example, clock radios gave birth to the witless phenomenon known as “The Morning DJ”.

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