07 March 2007

China finally has a TV superhero with a cape.

While I’m waiting for China’s answer to the Matrix to come out, I look forward to seeing China’s “first fantasy” TV show, Magic Cellphone (魔幻手机). The hero gets his powers from his cellphone “robot” (3G?), according to Shanghaiist, which “travels through a time tunnel … and arrives in ancient times, where she meets characters from Chinese mythology such as Monkey King. Then she is brought back to 2006.”

Yeah, but the real question is when does he fight Hiro Nakamura from NBCs Heroes?

I have to agree with Shanghaiist - how they call this the “first” fantasy TV series is beyond me, especially since it will feature the Monkey King, who really has gotten enough TV shows already. Seriously. Stop it.

See more pics at Shanghaiist or their Flickr page.

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