26 February 2007

In the movie Karmic Mahjong, or 血战到底, that is. Jia Zhangke (贾樟柯), film festival darling and director of the recent Still Life (三峡好人) is pictured here being arrested by none other than Wang Xiaoshuai (王小帅), director of Beijing Bicycle (十七岁的单车). You can see the brief cameo scene, with JZK as a hostage-taking mugger and WXS as negotiator at tudou.com about 3 minutes in.

Captions, anyone?

UPDATE: Also of interest, Little Bridge has a post about a Chinese woman who has advertised online that she will carry someone’s baby to term for 500,000 yuan. Curiously enough, there is a character in 血战到底 who regrets carrying and then giving up her son to a mobster… for 500,000 yuan. Life imitates art? Has this girl seen 血战到底?

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